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Rushen United Football Club - "The Spaniards"

Nostalgia Corner!

Have you got any pictures of teams from the past, whether they won or lost, Mens, Ladies or Juniors, send us your pictures along with any anecdotes and we'll show them to the world!! 

Unfortunately, old photo's may lose some clarity as we have to down size them to 40kb  


Rushen United 1921-22 Season


Rushen United 1922-23 Season - FA Cup Winners


Junior Cup Winners 1996/97

Back: Joel Henke, Billy Newton, Eric Nelson Carl Roberts, John Horbury, Richard Callister, James Geldart, Chris Oates 
Front: Jimmy Ludgate, Steven Boyd, Barry Critchley, Zoe Shimmin (Mascot) Chris Corkish, Stephen Watterson, Ryan Denham


Lombard Cup Winners 1981 with 3-0 victory over Peel

Back: John Critchley, Bryan Legear, Andrew Titley, John Ward, Paul Harraghy, Iain Cuthbert, Juan Kinley, Duncan Matthews.
Front: Michael Haywood, Mark Peyton, Carl Darnill, Neil Birchall, Anthony Crawley, Trevor Quayle

Back: John Curphey, Bryan Legear, Mark Peyton, Will Ward, Dave Harrison, Alan Carridge Gary Collister.
Front: Alan Harrison, Trevor Quayle, Gary Sansbury, Ian Quayle, Macca Craine,  John Storrie

Many thanks to John Watterson of IOM Newspapers, and David Faragher for the Names of the players. David reckons this was taken prior to the Junior Cup final at Castletown where we triumphed 1-0 over Peel, through a goal by Ian Quayle



2011 FA Cup Winners - Rushen 3 Laxey 0



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